Managed Services


We provide networking services support for broad technology solutions for LAN, WAN, WLAN, Internet environments, traffic management and network security.


Our experts handle the physical server set-up, configuration, installation and management. We will be monitoring the equipment 24/7 for 100% uptime.

Data Center Services

We offer wide range of data center services including firewall, load balancing, network connectivity, Backup and more to keep business information secure and accessible.

Client Desktops and Applications

We host business applications in our data center for a resilient, reliable platform that ensures all end users of your applications are happy and productive.

Security Incident and Event Management

Our Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) service offers simple and scalable log aggregation and data analytics with notification alerts.


We protect you and your business from common email issues including down time, phishing emails, virus attacks, junk mail handling and more.

Save Time and Resources

Our primary goal is to make your business more efficient. We accomplish this goal by providing technologies that you can count on.

Peace of Mind

We are committed to our customers and provide 24/7 support

Less Down Time

We provide 24x7 monitoring and alerting

Data is Safe

Our web hosting has servers with RAID pre-installed and we will take backup of your data in time to time period for high availability.

Low Cost

We offer affordable IT support for small and medium sized businesses, which can be tailored to your business-specific needs.

fewer Disruptions

We take care of sudden spikes in traffic to your site with ease. By utilizing the power of multiple servers, requests can be redirected or more servers added when needed.

Latest Technology

Our dedicated resources are always up to industry standard and latest technologies to keep the data secure and accessible.

Features and Benefits

With our high availability, firewall set-up would allow you to have no adverse impact on your system even if one single failure happens.

We will help your business grow to the next level and support your operations with a long-term strategy. We help businesses achieve endless scalability and growth with our managed IT services.

Our compliance and security solutions allow you to operate your company's mission critical applications and cloud platform more secure, fault tolerant and highly available.

We have some answers for you

How does Managed Services work?
  • The typical Managed IT Services provides 24x7x365 network monitoring of all of your IT infrastructure.
  • Help Desk is provided to answer your questions and your staff’s questions.
  • 24x7x365 response for Server/Network Infrastructure emergencies.
  • Provide technical support-onsite.
  • Provide technical support-using remote connect tools.
  • Assist you with hardware, software and monitoring tools.
Do you provide your services to Physician's office?
  • Yes, We have been servicing.
  • We provide HIPAA compliant services.
Do your technicians come to our office if we run into the problem?

If the problem you are experiencing cannot be solved quickly over the telephone or remote sharing, then we immediately visit your office and provide solution.

How can you help my IT team?

We will work with your IT team to relieve their daily responsibilities, automate routine and tedious tasks, so they work on large projects more efficiently, saving your agency time and money.