Yes. We structure our agreements to fit your needs and to keep costs predictable and minimize variance.

We assign a primary and a backup engineer to each customer account, and most of the time that’s who you’ll see. Our team is big enough to handle large projects and cover vacations and sick days as well, and in those instances, our other engineers will also take care of you with the help of our CRM and documentation system.

The process can take from 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity and size of the environment. We’ll build on any existing information available and let you know what other information we might need.

You can reach us in several ways:

  • OFFICE PHONE: Reception is available at 863-732-HELP (4357) to process requests and create service tickets.
  • EMAIL: An email will be created for your company for communication and support correspondence with your dedicated team, This is the recommended contact method as this email address will be monitored by several people.
  • CLIENT PORTAL WEBSITE: Our ticketing system allows you to access a Client Portal on our website which gives the ability for clients to view, create and monitor service tickets as needed. Any new tickets created are assigned to your designated support team so you always work with the same engineers.

During normal business hours of 8:30am to 5:30pm Eastern, we usually respond within 15 minutes. After hours, your dedicated team will respond within 3 hours.

Our average length of technology experience on the team is 7 years. Our engineers have broad skill sets, rich experience, and applicable certification/education. They’re also friendly folks who enjoy helping people.

We still believe in the value of face-time with our clients. We feel that our personal touch is what makes us different, and we want you to feel that our team is a seamless extension of your business.

Absolutely. Many small business work under cost constraints. We’ll work with you to prioritize initiatives and maximize ROI.

We’ll put you in touch with our existing clients who are happy to be referrals for us!